Lee Zorn EH 102/Writing and Research April 27, 2020 Monday Complete Poetry sheet and email it to me. Tuesday Write poems, using model for length and form. Wednesday Continue to write poems and turn them in. Thursday Write poems, using model for length and form. Turn in today. Friday One paragraph discussing pandemic experience. :) I will put the assignments on the group text Sunday and label them. Thank you for your cooperation during this unusual time.  You have been amazing, and I do appreciate your hard work.  Thanks!  L. Zorn
L. Zorn April 20-24, 2020 EH 102/Writing and Research Monday Work on Research Paper Refer to Punctuation Sheet and Comma Rule Sheet. No comma between compound verbs No embedded thesis! Go to MLA website and Owl Purdue for help with in-text citations and Work Cited entries. Tuesday Work on Paper Wednesday Turn in a rough draft.  It should contain a title page, outline, body, and Works Cited Page. Refer to the early sheet listing what should be in the paper.  Remember it should be 4-6 typed pages in Times New Roman in a 12 font.  Do not hyperlink the Works Cited entries. Thursday Work on paper.  Check grammar, citations, Work Cited, etc. Friday Turn in paper!  :) Next week we will have several "easy" assignments that I will put on the blog next Sunday and text you also.  We are almost finished!!! Additional Info: Your paper is due _April 20.  There are no exceptions. 2.  Your paper must be 4- 6 typed, double-spaced pages.  (You may neatly

Mrs. Hacking Spanish Class 10th Grade Due on April 19th 11:59 PM

Third Packet For Spanish Class 10th Grades  1st day:   Page 93 “Cultura Viva”  Read and answer #6 ¿si o no?  #7 En el D.F 2nd day:  Read “Idioma Estructura” Making Introductions: te, le, les  Answer # 8 1 -7 (look at the modelo)  3rd day: page 95 answer #9  #10 (look at the modelo) 4th day- Page Read page 108:  Lectura Cultural- Answer #35, #36  5th day- Read page 110 “Vocabulario I en el Centro answer #2 
Lee Zorn  EH 102 Writing and Research March 31-April 3 Monday-Friday Continue working on research paper and essay
L. Zorn April 6-10, 2020 Eh 102 Writing and Research Continue to work on assigned papers. Hamlet essay (due Friday, April 10, 2020) Research Paper (due April 24, 2020) I miss you sooo much!:(

Mrs. Hacking Spanish Class 2nd Package -10th grade - April 6 - April 12

Nombre _____________________________________________________________________   Hola Estudiantes:    First Assignment: page 158 'Idioma" Using gustar to state likes and dislikes- Read the whole page, answer number #7 "Te gusta (n)...?  Read page 160 Answer number#10 "Que nos gusta hacer en casa?" answer number 1 thru 8 Second Assignment: page 164 Read " Vocabulario"  Como son? and learn what they mean in English. Read, page 165 you don't have to do #18  - Work on #19 Quien y como? Create a list of six friends or relatives and indicate their relationship to you. Under each name write words that describe the person, categorizing the words according to whether they refer to physical traits (caracteristicas fisicas) or personality characteristics (caracteristicas de personalidad)  (Look and follow the model that shows)  Third Assignments: Page 167 - Cultura Viva II "El merengue" Please read the page in english. Make time